Psalm 45:10-11, 13-15

Listen to me, O royal daughter; take heart to what I say. Forget your people and your homeland far away. For your royal husband delights in your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord. [...] The bride, a princess, waits within her chambers, dressed in a gown woven with gold. In her beautiful robes, she is led to the king, accompanied by her bridesmaids. What a joyful, enthusiastic procession as they enter the king's palace!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Works-for-Me Wednesday

Because I have a track record of forgetting birthdays and other occasions not only did I get a calendar (and try to use it), but now I start make my own cards ahead of time. Back in November I bought a pack of plain white 25 cards/envelopes from Michaels on sale for $2.50 and then use the scraps from my scrapbooking stack to decorate.

So...back in December I made birthday cards although way through May. It's about time to start making cards for the months after May...time to get to work.


Meshellyn said...

I am not good about remembering birthdays either! Though I don't make my own cards, I plan to have them ahead of time and ready to give, just prepurchased one month ahead of time for all birthdays the coming month. Cute card!

Mom2fur said...

I bet people love your homemade cards!
Here is an idea I just read about earlier in the year. I'm also bad about remembering birthdays. With your calendar, don't wait until the month of the birthdays to check. During the last week of every month, check ahead to the next month and see if there are any birthdays. Get all your cards ready and mail them out by the first (or sooner if it is an early birthday.)
I have a mini calendar on my desk that I'm checking every month this way. People might fall over in shock when I remember to send a card, though!