Psalm 45:10-11, 13-15

Listen to me, O royal daughter; take heart to what I say. Forget your people and your homeland far away. For your royal husband delights in your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord. [...] The bride, a princess, waits within her chambers, dressed in a gown woven with gold. In her beautiful robes, she is led to the king, accompanied by her bridesmaids. What a joyful, enthusiastic procession as they enter the king's palace!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Monday - Romaine Rice Tuna Salad

Tuesday - Teriyaki Steak w/ rice and veggies

Wednesday - Honoring Our Fathers BBQ (Youth Event)

Thursday - Christmas Lasagna

Friday - Taking Joe's dad out (here, maybe?)

Saturday - London Broil w/ TBD

Sunday - CCMS Graduation


THIS WEEK I kind of got lucky this week and don't need to actually cook to many dinner meals (only four!). My plans for this week hope to include some baking, perhaps banana bread. My other plan for the week is start mapping out some deep-cleaning/organization of our home. I've realized that there are cabinets I don't even go into, but have stuff in them. That doesn't seem very useful.

It also looks like I may be working a few hours extra this week (my boss's mom passed away yesterday from stage 4 lung cancer). We only have seven more days of school (counting today) and our graduation program is on Sunday, so there's so stuff I've got to do for that. Please pray for Katie's family though. Both her parents aren't believers, and they've been witnessing and praying for them for a long time now (her parents live with her family). As far as they know, Katie's mom never made any decision, but clung to her traditional Chinese beliefs. Pray for their family as they are taking care of arrangements and family coming to town, as well as Katie's dad and their children.

On another note, the baby has been moving a lot more this last week and we have our ultrasound/prenatal appointment this Thursday at Best Start. Hopefully, if the baby is in a good position we'll be able to tell if Baby is a boy or a girl! (Joe still doesn't want to know the sex, but don't worry I still get to share...everyone just has to keep it a secret from him.)

More to come later...hopefully!

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