Psalm 45:10-11, 13-15

Listen to me, O royal daughter; take heart to what I say. Forget your people and your homeland far away. For your royal husband delights in your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord. [...] The bride, a princess, waits within her chambers, dressed in a gown woven with gold. In her beautiful robes, she is led to the king, accompanied by her bridesmaids. What a joyful, enthusiastic procession as they enter the king's palace!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Grieved to the Point of Death

And He said to them, "My soul is deeply grieved to the
point of death; remain here and keep watch."
Mark 14:34
How quickly do we read this verse? It has just become part of the story for us. A means to an end. Do we ever sit and ponder the humanity of Jesus at this point? Do we think of him more as God than man? Able to handle the sorrow and pain to come, I mean, he is God after all.

Grieved to the point of death. What does that even feel like?

The hour is late. Stillness settles like an eerie cloud over Jerusalem. As He enters the gate in the wall around Gethsemane, Jesus motions to Peter, James, and John to come with Him...

Jesus moves slowly, perhaps stopping to lean against a gnarled tree trunk. White knuckles protrude from tightened fists and His head hangs in weariness. The men glance at one another, wondering what to do. Their Teacher has never been like this before. They saw Him cry when His friend Lazarus died; and only a week ago, as He entered Jerusalem, He sobbed out loud over the neediness there. Yet that was a strong cry--laced with sadness perhaps, but not despair.

This is different. Overwhelming sorrow consumes Him. Teeth clenched, Jesus utters: "My soul is grieved to the point of death"...a beleaguered bellow from the depths of His being.

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